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In the City of Los Angeles there are an estimated 350,000 residents who, while eligible to become U.S. citizens, have not begun or completed the naturalization procedure. In L.A. County, that number goes beyond 750,000. 

It is important that all Angelenos who dream of citizenship have an easier time navigating a frequently difficult and misunderstood process. That’s why we launched — to connect you with tools to check your eligibility, locate classes and workshops, and even explore a map to find the most convenient places to start this important journey.

Living in our city means that you can make a home, and a life, no matter where you come from or what language you speak at home. And there are so many rights and advantages of citizenship: more job opportunities, better wages, the ability to vote, and so much more. In L.A., hundreds of thousands of our family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers are waiting for that better life. 

They are waiting to be full participants in our democracy, and ready to step out of the shadows. The path to that richly-deserved future begins right here.

Eric Garcetti

StepForward Stories

Naturalized Citizen from Mexico

Saul MontoyaNaturalized Citizen from Mexico

"Don’t wait as long as I did.  Try to [become a citizen] the earliest possible.  With a little help, the challenges faced during the citizenship process can be overcome.  There is always help out there; you just have to look for it."

Naturalized Citizen from Iran

Alenoush BidrousianNaturalized Citizen from Iran

"I'm so happy I am a Citizen because I can follow my dreams like starting a business, traveling around the world, be stabilized in United States, and participate in elections and other community activates I was not able to do before my naturalization."

Naturalized Citizen from the Philippines

Albert BataclanNaturalized Citizen from the Philippines

"I am so happy I became a citizen because I am now a part of a diverse nation where I can freely speak my mind, love who I want to love, worship however I want to worship, and vote for people who represent my ideas and values."

Find citizenship resources near you

From Public Library Citizenship Corners to Civics classes and ESL Training, Los Angeles has a variety of citizenship resources at convenient locations. Browse the map to find the location closest to you!